This online course comprises of 3 modules that introduce tourism businesses and professionals in accessibility awareness and offer practical information how to make their service and products more accessible and where to start. The 3 modules available are:

  1. Hotels and Accommodation Providers
  2. D/deaf Awareness
  3. Wayfinding and information.

Each module includes a video presentation accompanied with simultaneous audio explanation (voice over).

To watch the module, click on the image below each title and the video will start. To pause, click again on the image. The transcript of the presentation is available underneath each video.

You can also go to the vistis4u forum section to read the Access Guides and the Frequently Asked Questions for tourism professionals.

For any questions or feedback, you can submit your question here or contact us directly.


Module 1: Hotel and Accommodation Providers


Transcript PDF 



Module 2:  on D/deaf Awareness


Transcript PDF



Module 3: Information and Wayfinding



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